Mr D. Abrahams (The Principal)

Greetings to One and All!!

On behalf of the management and staff at Sierra Nevada Primary School, it is our great honor and privilege to welcome you to an exciting academic year of 2020.

We want to ensure you that every Sierra Nevada Primary learner does well at the school and leaves our institution with the necessary knowledge, values and skills that will give them the best chance of success.

Remember that learners will succeed if parents work together with educators in ensuring that our learners’ true potential is exploited.

We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you and your child.



Father We Thank You for The Night and Present Morning Light.

For Rest and Food and Loving Care and All That Makes The World so Fair.

Help us to do the Things We Should, and be to Others Kind and Good.

In All We Do and All We Say, To Grow More Loving Everyday


Developing the potential of all staff members.

Establishing strong relationships with parents and other stakeholders.

Working together to create a happy caring environment.

Providing learners with untold opportunities.

Creating disciplined and ordered environment.

Instilling in learner’s values and hard work, honesty and compassion.


Sierra Nevada Primary School aims to provide, in partnership with parents, a quality education where learners are able to reach their full potential within a caring, stimulating and secure environment so that they can make their best contribution to society.



Let Every Good Fellow Now Join in A Song, Sierra Nevada …

Success To Each Other And Pass It Along, Sierra Nevada …


Sierra, Sierra Nevada, Sierra, Sierra Reaching High Sierra Nevada

Let Every Good Learner Now Reach for New Heights, Sierra Nevada …

May Knowledge and Strength Always Be in Our Sights, Sierra Nevada …

Chorus X 1

Now Learners and Learners Our Circles Expand, Sierra Nevada …

May All of Us Build by Just Joining Hands, Sierra Nevada …

Chorus X 2