Brief History:


Sierra Nevada Primary School was first established in 1993. The school is situated in the far end of Lenasia South. Many great teachers and ex-learners have passed through the school leaving their mark of success.

Over the years the school has become more modern and developed but the aim of the school remains the same, we want to make certain that every Sierra Nevada Primary learner does well at this school and leaves our institution with the necessary knowledge, values and skills that will give them the best chance of success.

Today the school caters for about 1144 learners from five to thirteen years of age. The school serves learners from the communities of Lenasia, Lenasia South, Ennerdale, Grasmere, Lawley, Fine Town, Weilers Farm, Orange Farm, Everton and Soweto.

“It is said that success occurs when opportunity meets preparations” Jimmy Johnson

Sierra Nevada Primary School is a government institute that aims at providing quality teaching and learning to every child at the school. Children should experience a journey of love, joy and success inside and outside of the classroom. The school has a committed and dedicated teaching staff. The management is highly qualified and experienced. Unity is Strength and together we aim to make a positive impact in the lives of our children.