In an Effort to Maintain discipline at the school and ensure that teaching and learning is not disrupted through behavioral problems, The SGB puts forward the disciplinary rules described below:



A) The following acts are considered as Ordinary Offenses

      • Late Coming
      • Failure to Complete School Work (class work and homework) given
      • Playing Truant or Bunking Periods
      • Littering anywhere on school premises
      • Using Foul Language
      • Incorrect School Uniform
      • Minor Disruptive Behavior

B) Educators will resolve the above stated offenses and keep records of the date of offense, name of learner and how the matter was resolved. The educator may counsel the learner, use verbal warning or written reprimand to resolve the problem.

C) After three ordinary offenses have been recorded against a learner the matter must just be referred to the principal who together with the educator shall implement one of the following measures:

      • Give learner supervised work, ensuring parents are informed timeously
      • Suspend the learner from some school activities e.g. Sport, Cultural Activities.

D) Should the learner continue to commit an ordinary offense, A warning letter will be sent to the parent, if the behavior persists the parents will be call to the school to discuss the matter and the likelihood of a serious action must be taken by the school.



A) A Learner will be Guilty of Schedule 1 Misconduct if He/ She:

      • Seriously Threatens, Disrupts or Frustrates & teaching and learning in a Class;
      • Engages in a Conspiracy to disrupt the proper functioning of the school through collective action;
      • Insults he dignity or defames any learner or any other person, which includes Racist Remarks;
      • Distributes or is in the possession of any test or examination material that may enable another person to gain an unfair advantage in a test or examination;
      • Cheats in a Test or Examination or any other form of assessments such as Assignments;
      • Engages in any act of Public Indecency;
      • Sexually Harasses another person;
      • Is found in Possession of cigarettes; or
      • Is under the influence or in possession of alcohol.

B) After Schedule 1 – Misconduct has been noted against a learner’s name, the matter should be referred in writing the principal of the school. Following a Thorough Investigation and the confirmation of the allegations a written warning, the principal will send a written warning to the parent.

C) A further offense in this category will be dealt with as per serious Misconduct.



A) The following acts are considered as Serious Misconduct

      • Rape;
      • Indecent Assault;
      • Sexual Harassment with Aggravating circumstances;
      • Assault with the intention to do grievous body harm;
      • Common Assault on an Educator;
      • Serious Intimidation of the other learner, teaching and non-teaching staff;
      • Malicious Damage to the state property’;
      • Theft with Aggravating Circumstances
      • Robbery or Theft;
      • Possession of Dangerous weapons on school premises;
      • The Possession, sale or abuse of illegal substances;
      • The Possession of Obscene Material including/; Material depicting sexual images in all its forms;
      • Being on the school premises or at a School Function outside the school premises while under the influence or intoxicating liquor or illegal substances;
      • The theft of examination papers or the possession or sale of such stolen examination papers; and
      • Repeated Ordinary Offenses and Schedule 1 Misconduct.

B) After a Serious Misconduct has been noted against the learner’s name, the matter should be referred in writing to the principal of the school. Following a thorough investigation and confirmation of the Allegations the matter must be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee should suspend the learner for Seven (7) Days prior to the actual Disciplinary Meeting, as well as Seven (7) Days after the sitting. Very Serious Misconduct will be referred to the HOD for expulsion.