(A) Punctuality

Learners must be at School on Time. School Starts at 07:40 from Monday to Friday. Learners must also report to the Assembly in an Orderly manner, and the same way to their class, after assembly. This must also be done during the change of period; after interval as well as after school.

(B) School Times


Please Adhere to the school times and duly inform Transporters Accordingly. The School cannot be held responsible for the safety of learners after dismissal times. Transporters must bring and fetch learners on time.

Late Arrivals of Learners will not be Tolerated. Learners must Report at least 5 Minutes Before the start of the School Day. We have a Late Learners Register – Learners who are Consistently Late, will be booked down for Late Coming







(C) School Dress Code

Learners must always be neatly attired. Their uniform, hair, shoes, etc. must apply with the dress code of the school as Stipulated Below:


    • School Tunic or School Skirt with white shirt and school tie (Summer)
    • School Tracksuit or School Pants (Navy) with white shirt and school tie, and school jersey (Winter)
    • Length of Tunic and Skirt – must be above the knees
    • Navy School Socks
    • Black Shoes
    • Jewellery – Only one Pair of ear studs or sleepers earrings and a watch will be allowed, No Other jewellery will be allowed.
    • Hair – Long Hair Must Be Plaited, A Navy Scrunchies Could Be Used, Short Hair Must Be Neatly Combed, A Navy Alice Band May Be Used, No Extensions of Hair, No Tinting or Coloring and Hair Must Be One Length.
    • Make-Up – No Makeup or Nail Polish is allowed, nails must be clean and short.
    • Casual Clothes Day – Fancy Clothing must be respectful and not cause any offense to the school community. Girls are not allowed to wear revealing clothing.


    • Grey School Pants
    • White Shirt
    • School Tie
    • School Jersey
    • Grey Socks
    • Black School Shoes
    • Other than a watch, no jewellery allowed.

(D) P.E (Boys and Girls)


    • Takkies during P.E and Sports
    • White T-Shirts and White Shorts for P.E
    • During Winter the Tracksuit will be allowed for P.E and Sports.
    • If learners are unable to Part Take in P.E they must produce a medical Certificate. Learners who fail to bring P.E Clothes will be given a verbal warning and thereafter perform tasks at school

(E) Excursion and Tours


    • Any learner on an Excursion aways from Sierra Nevada Primary represents the school and is obliged to follow the school rules. The Organizer/ Coordinator will maintain the disciplinary code during tour/ excursion.
    • The Organizer/ Coordinator can use his or her discretion to exclude learners from certain group activities, or expel a learner from a tour or excursion. Such a Learner can be sent back to school or home, according to the situation. The Organizer/ Coordinator will report to the principal in writing. The principal will the institute appropriate disciplinary measures.

(F) Absenteeism

    • Learners are expected to attend school regularly. The Learner who is Absent from School is required to bring a letter from his/ her parent or guardian or a medical certificate from their Doctor. If a stay absent continuously, the parent of such learner will be required to visit the school personally to explain such absenteeism.

(G) Early Leave

    • Learners are not allowed to leave school premises without any prior permission from their office. Any learner, who requires to leave early, must bring a letter from their Parent/ Guardian requesting to leave. Learners will only be allowed to leave once the Parent or Guardian has reported to the office and the early register is signed by the Parent or Guardian in the Office.

(H) School Grounds and Facilities


    • Learners are Prohibited from certain parts of the school grounds that may pose a danger to them. They will be informed accordingly. They also not allowed in rooms reserved for teachers such as staff room and teachers’ toilets.
    • Learners are to assist in keeping the buildings and ground neat and tidy, All Litter to be deposited in refuse bins.

(I) Discriminationn


Any Discrimination in Respect of Race, Gender, Disability and Religion will not be Tolerated, All Learners are Expected to Respect One Another in Spite of any Differences.

(J) Visitors


    • All Visitors are Expected to report to the office first.
    • All Appointments with Teachers must be made after school, we will deviate from this practice.
    • Please Notify the School of Any Changes to Your Telephone Numbers so that Communication Lines are Always Open

(K) Contagious IIlness


    • Parents should keep learners at home if the have any Contagious Illness. Once a Medical Practitioner has ascertained that the learner poses no threat to rest of the school population, will he/she be allowed back to school.

(L) Medication


    • No Medication will be given to any learner. Parents, whose children are on Chronic Medication, must advice the Class Teachers thereof. The Class teacher will ensure that the learners takes the required medication.
    • Parents, whose children have been injured at school, or who have fallen ill at school, will make arrangements to take the learner to the doctor/ hospital, and, inform parents accordingly. If not, then the parents will be requested to pick the learner from school.
    • Doctor or Hospital Costs will be Paid by the Parent/s.

(M) Relationships


    • There will be no Physical Contact. This Implies that contact should be in accordance with accepted behavior by minors in the school environment.

(N) Use of Cellphones

    • There will be no Physical Contact. This Implies that contact should be in accordance with accepted behavior by minors in the school environment.

(O) Classroom Rules


It is Expected that each educator will together with learners develop their own classroom rules.

The Following Rules are Applicable to All Classes:

    • Every Educator is responsible for discipline at all times at the school and at school related activities. Educators have full Authority and Responsibility to correct the behavior of learners whenever such correction is necessary at the school. Serious Misconduct must be referred to the Principal of the school.
    • Learners must commit themselves to do their work during classes, complete assigned homework and catchup on work missed because of Absence.
    • An Educator’s Instruction must be followed at all times. Under No Circumstances will the Undermining/ Disregard f an Educator be Tolerated.
    • Classrooms may only be left with the Permission of the Educator.

(P) Assessment Planners


    • Assessment Planners are sent out in the Beginning of Each Term. Parents and Caregivers are urged to Assist their children to Prepare Adequately for All Assessments that Are Due.

(Q) Text Books


    • Each Learner from Grade 4 to 7 will be given a Textbook to keep at home. Its te Parents Responsibility to take care of the books given from the School. If Books that are Lost or Damaged, the Parent is Responsible to Pay an Amount of R300.00 Per Textbook.
    • Learners who have not Returned Textbooks, will not be issued with a Textbook until the Textbook is Returned or Replaced.
    • All Textbooks issued must be Covered Appropriately to prevent any Damage.

(R) Care of School Property


    • Every learner is expected to protect and use all school equipment and facilities with care.
    • Vandalism will not be Tolerated
    • Any Learner who Intentionally misuses, damages or defaces and school Property should replace it or pay for the damage to school property.

(S) Drugs, Alcohol and Weapon Free Zone


    • Smoking, Alcohol, Drug Use is Not Permissible at the School.
    • Possession of Cigarettes, Cigarette Lighters, Matches, Drugs, Alcoholic Drinks, Pornographic Material, Firearms, Knives and other dangerous weapons is Prohibited at the school.

(T) Violence, Bullying and Foul Language


    • No Violence, Bullying, Intimidation or Threatening of any Kind is Allowed at the school.
    • Learners are not allowed to Swear or use of Foul Language.

(U) Property of Learners


    • Learners are not allowed to bring Computers Games, CD Players, Radios, Cell Phones, IPODS, etc to school unless permission to do so has been obtained from the Principal.
    • Learners are encouraged not to bring Valuable Items to school. In case where such items must be brought to the school, they should be handed into the office for safekeeping.
    • Stealing/ Theft is Prohibited at the School.

(V) Late Departure from The School


    • No Learner may leave the school premises without permission from the office during school hours.
    • The school prefer that Appointments to e.g.: Doctors, Dentists, etc. be made after school hours or over the holidays.
    • A learner who needs t leave during school hours must supply the office with a letter from the parents requesting permission for leave.
    • A learner who falls sick during school hours must report to the secretary teacher, will contact the parent.

(W) General Behavior


    1. Under No Circumstances will learners be allowed to sell anything on school premises, unless it relates to school fund-raising or projects for which a teacher has sought necessary permission.
    2. Dishonestly, telling lies, indecency or and act which in the option of the principal is condemnable will be acted upon by the principal.
    3. Disrespect towards the National Symbols (National Flag, National Anthem etc) of the Republic of South Africa as well as the School Flag and Anthem will not be Tolerated.
    4. Any Ill-Disciplined behavior in the classroom, on the school premises, during school trips/ excursions or any school functions, including any actions that brings the school into disrepute will not be Tolerated.
    5. All Litter must be thrown in the Bins Provided by the school and not thrown around the classroom or school grounds.
    6. Learners must not Disregard or Undermine the Authority of the Principal or staff of the School.
    7. Disruptions of Classes or Schools by Learners is Unacceptable.
    8. Learners are Not Allowed to Enter Areas Restricted by the Principal/ SMT.
    9. The School Reserves the Right to Exclude Learners from Excursions or other school related functions, if the learners are regularly in Contravention of the school rules.
    10. Unsupervised Learners: Learners who have been dismissed must be fetched on time. They will not be allowed to linger on school premises since there is no-one to look after them. Parents are urged to make Transport Arrangements. Learners are not allowed to play on the Jungle Gym after School.
    11. Safety of Learners:

Learners being transported to school must not be dropped off on busy intersections. All taxis and other means of transport must Proceed down Stellenberg Street and Drop Learners Past the big gate. Please Do Not Stop in The Front Gate.

Parents, Caregivers and Transporters are Requested to Kindly Co-operate with scholar patrol teams, as well as with parents who assist with traffic safety. Please Remember Stellenberg Street is a One Way from 07h00 – 08h00 in the mornings and 14h00 – 15h00 in the Afternoons