Sierra Nevada Primary School Currently Offers the Following:


School should be a place where children learn, play and grow together. Having different sport activities at Sierra Nevada has helped many children feel good about being part of a team. The school identifies learners’ interests and organizes teams’ and training for relevant codes. Sierra Nevada offers the following Sports: Soccer, Table Tennis, Chess, Volleyball and Netball

“Team sports teachers you how to get along with other people” Chris Jordan

Reading Club
Book Quiz
Newspaper Quiz
Speech Contest
Spelling Bee

Music & Vocal
Drama & Performing
School Choir
Visual Arts
Musical Instruments: Marimba; Guitar; Drums; Recorder & Piano

Mathematics Challenge

Science Fair Experiment

Social Science Olympiad

EMS Olympiad
Grade 7 Market Day

Library and E-Learning at The School:


Sierra Nevada Primary School officially opened the newly revamped library and resource centre on 01 December 2015.

The library is aimed at improving the lives of all learners at the school and those living in and around the community. The magic at the library can be fulfilled with or without teachers being present as our learners’ have a librarian present to assist at all times. The centre is open Monday-Saturday from 7am to 4pm. 

Learners’ have excess to more than 6000 books including reference books. The media centre also provides teachers and learners with teaching aids, a television and AstraLab Compujector. The advantage of having a centre as such at Sierra Nevada Primary School is that it aims at encouraging all learners to visit the library and form a love towards reading. The centre also creates different ways of teaching and supporting learners’ in all subjects.

Sierra Nevada Primary School offers learners’ the opportunity to learn to read through a fun new computer app called Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great computer reading games and activities. Children are given the opportunity to read stories, complete spelling words and phonic sounds. These activities motivate children to keep exploring and learning to read and spell. This wonderful opportunity allows the children to feel proud of their reading.

Make sure that your child/ ward Reads 15 Minutes to Half an Hour Daily. All Library must be looked after. Damaged or Lost Books must be Replaced Immediately. Learners will  have access to the Library During Reading Periods as well as before, and after the school day. The Library will be Open from 07h15 from Monday to Friday, and will close at 16h00. On Saturdays it will be Open from 08h00 to 14h00.